History of our collection

The adventure with antique vehicles started between 1960's and 70's,
when the founder of the collection became interested in 3-ton Chevrolet Canada
from World War II standing at a neighbour's estate.

Pierwszy pojazd w kolekcji, BlitzTeam - wynajem pojazdów zabytkowych

For years he dreamed about
his own truck, and in 1978 he
bought the most popular truck
of WW II - Opel Blitz from 1941.
After a few years, there was
an oportunity to buy the same car,
so why not to take the chance,
and make the collection bigger?
The cars were not useless.
They took part in many
films. The most popular was
"Schindler's List" directed by
Steven Spielberg.

Untill 2001 we had just two trucks. That year we enriched our collection with a unique car
- Opel Blitz 4x4 (the only one in Poland, both then and now). Just a few weeks after the renovation,
it got a chance to be shown on the screen. Together with our other cars it took part
in the Academy - awarded film "The Pianist" directed by Roman Polanski. The next car
was another Opel Blitz. In 2004 we bought Renault Goelette which was then renovated
for as much as three years. In 2005 we bought a popular Soviet Gaz 51.
If we started the adventure with a car from USSR, why not to go on this way?
Next antique was one of unique Zis 5.
Collectors always need some break to renovate vehicles which they have.
So, if we started writing about unique vehicles, the next one was Mercedes L4500A.
The most interesting fact is that we have bought every vehicle in Poland. In 2007 we bought
the fifth, but very exceptional, Opel Blitz, because it is a firetruck 4x4 made by DIETHÖR
- KAROSSERIE company.
The most abundant year in bargains was 2008. We bought four vehicles in one year.
The most unique of them is one of sixteen produced Opel P4 with a pick-up body.
This car was ordered by Austrian Army in 1936. In 2010 we bought a few vehicles:
Jeep Willys MB, M-72, Syrena 105L and Volga 21.
We hope that our collection will be growing up, and in the near future,
after finding a good location, our private collection could change into a museum.

Best Regards
Joanna, Kazimierz, Adrian and Mateusz Kiczynski

BlitzTeam - wynajem pojazdów zabytkowych